How to Install Aux Input in Car Stereo

Did you know that having an aux input in your car seems to be one of those things you no longer ignore when in search of a car to buy? 

Nowadays, whether the car is of an old model or not, people want to be able to play music in their cars through the aux cable in their car stereo.

How to install aux input in a car stereo
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There has been lots of affinity for cars dating from the 80s and 90s. But one difficult thing to like was the audio system which the manufacturers were able to produce at that time. 

As the tussle between cassettes and CDs to gain supremacy in the market began increasing, many companies struggled to meet up with consumer demands of having a few funky lead units. 

But as it stands, both CDs and tapes have become old fashioned because the current choice of music proffers far better sound quality and usefulness.

 A larger number of recently manufactured car stereos, and their accessory unit heads, are accompanied with audio jack.

This audio jack permits anybody to plug into their smartphone or MP3 player. But in case you have any old stereo, it will most likely come without any audio jack.

Video: How to Install Aux Input in Car Stereo

This video is a step by step guide on how to install an aux input in your car stereo.

What is an AUX Port?

An AUX port or what is called the auxiliary car stereo production is a device that gives you the ability to properly connect multiple audio devices unto the car’s audio system with the aid of a standard stereo cable measuring 1/8’’ by 1/8’’.

Now, peradventure you have come across new car models or seen any used stereo of that sort. You probably realized that it is accompanied with this audio jack which looks very much like your headphone jack. That there, is referred to as the auxiliary port.

Hence, this allows you to play your music using the car stereo, removing any need for having CDs. Most modern car stereos like the Boss Audio 616UAB have the aux input.

However, it is wise to note that a lot of vehicles that possess older stereos don’t have auxiliary ports. This means that it will be difficult for anybody to plug their smartphones without the aid of such accessories.

You may choose to add Bluetooth enablers to the stereo, making you use of a completely wireless style, but assuming you seek a cheaper means to connect your devices to the stereo, we will explain how best to sync your audio jack with the stereo system of the car.

The AUX or what is called the auxiliary car stereo production gives the driver ability to properly connect multiple audio devices unto the car’s audio system with the aid of a standard stereo cable measuring 1/8’’ by 1/8’’.

Thus, let us explore the best way you can fix your audio jack into the stereo of the car so that you easily enjoy music in your vehicle at any time, using your smartphone.

Just before we Proffer solutions to this challenge, there seems to one major question to be asked. And that question is simple,

Why Would Anyone Require Auxiliary Inputs in their Cars?

This is because the AUX port is basically used for audio equipment that receives peripheral sound sources, such as digital music players or audio speakers. We may appear to have a few hundreds of our most treasured tunes which we have archived in our personal cell phones or convenient media devices. 

We play them as we walk on the streets, at the gym, store or at work. Yet we cannot play them in our vehicles.

Suppose the default radio doesn’t have Bluetooth nor the USB port which you could connect your telephone with and there isn’t any other way to make the most of your music while driving.

Moreover, in numerous states and territories, it is wrong to put on earphones while driving. We could add auxiliary inputs to your car’s default stereo. 

The auxiliary input device permits you to link your headphone jack of 1/8’’ size, to sync your cell phone or media device to the radio. When it is synced, you can tune into your music via the speakers or plant radio.

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Optical Connection

Numerous European vehicles like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Bentley and Aston Martin utilize a computerized fiber-optic transport correspondence framework, referred to as MOST, for media and sound exchange.

MOST represents Media Oriented Systems Transport. 

The fiber optic framework handles sound signals across the Bluetooth, iPod modules, intensifiers and radio.

In numerous versions of vehicle brands recorded above, we could include the in-line memory module which gives a sound system auxiliary input. 

But without a compelling reason to substitute the costly radio, simply sync with your cell phone’s headphone jack, then enjoy it for yourself.

Wired Connections

Several car stereos like the Boss Audio 616UAB produce auxiliary input plug-ins that model a satellite that is optional having radio tuner system present.

The plug-in should possess an audio input connection with your music to link the factory radio using the radio satellite tuner plug-in port. Just push its Sat button in order to activate its input.

Several old vehicles had options for CD changer. You can purchase the auxiliary input plug-ins for such kind of vehicles. That permits your connection of the radio to the portable cellphone or media player.

To pick out the radio’s aux input, only push down its switch point.

RF Connections

For quite a long time, one well-known strategy for taking care of an audio sign into a working radio that didn’t have a committed auxiliary input had to utilize a FM Modulator.

The gadgets would take sound sign from the media device or telephone and transmit it into the radio by means of the FM recipient. 

You should switch on its modulator and tune into a radio broadcast (which allows selection, so it doesn’t meddle with a neighborhood station), and presto – you listen to your tunes.

They are yet accessible when a wire driven connection is just unrealistic. 

The quality of sound is restricted through the FM recipient of your own radio. However, it’s better than tuning in to your melody using the speaker incorporated with your telephone.

Pre-work Requirements

The following are the requirements needed before the installation of your aux input:

Aptitudes: You should realize how to patch and utilize a working Multimeter. 

Supplies: Obtain the best quality fix guide for your vehicle that you may discover. 

These things can typically be bought at hardware stores around your neighborhood or from online sellers. 

1. Welding iron and bind

2. olt/Ohm Multi-meter 

3. Attachments, screwdrivers, and forceps 

4. A 3.5mm Auxiliary port having two ordinarily shut shunts 

5. Strippers with Wire pincers

6. One Mono-Stereo connector if your used unit head plays just a channel.

7. Electrical cord used for making sure about wires

8. 2-3 in feet wires.

You could adopt a strategy for plugging the jack, such as boring a gap someplace subtle. Numerous ports are usually surface-mountable, though.

The AM or FM Radios 

The Premiere head units which included AM plus AM/Frequency Modulators are getting progressively uncommon and significant to authorities, so don’t toss them away.

It is anything but difficult to include the aux-in point in these sound systems. 

How to install aux input in a car stereo
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Obtain your best quality manual accessible for your vehicle. Attempt to discover the workshop the manual gives for proficient mechanics, as the manuals give the best and most exact data. 

Before taking a shot at any piece of any vehicle’s electrical framework, detach its negative battery point. Wellbeing first, right? Nobody needs to set their vehicle ablaze or get an electric shock doing this.

What’s more, it’s no enjoyment finding a circuit you burnt when you were the person who short-circuit something, result causing mishap. 

How to Install Aux Input Into a Car Stereo?

Below is a breakdown on the step by step process to installing an aux-input into a car stereo.

1. Survey your vehicle sound system to figure out what expulsion strategy will be required. 

2. Bring down the sound system’s manufacturer number.

3. Application of vehicle’s leaving brake and open the hood.

4. Expel its trim and/or any screws tying down the radio to your scramble.

5. Sync the AUX input connector’s DIN association into the suitable plug-in point on the rear of your sound system, and afterward Ar. 

6. Feed your AUX end of your AUX to RCA connector out right into the vehicle’s seating territory.

Stage 1 

Survey your vehicle sound system to figure out what strategy of removal will be required. 

Assuming your radio is bound by your vehicle’s inside trim, you should take away the trim from the screws then pry it off from your stereo. Let’s assume there isn’t any trim, you’ll sure need DIN apparatuses to evacuate the radio. Don’t forget to refer to your vehicle’s manual for more instructions. 

Note: DIN tools are used to remove factory radios from the dash of many vehicles.

Stage 2  

Write down the sound system’s model digits. 

Stereo sounds output may differ greatly between sound system models, so that means you’ll require the system number to assist you with finding a perfect AUX input connector for your sound system. Sound systems that incorporate white RCA and red outputs will require just one AUX to RCA wire. 

Stage 3 

Apply of vehicle’s leaving brake and open the hood. 

Take away the negative, dark, terminal from the vehicle’s battery to abstain from shorting your hardware. 

Stage 4 

Take away the trim or any screws tying down the radio.

There could be some trims or screws holding your radio and your scramble. Take them away or supplement your DIN apparatuses into four openings in front of your sound system. Slide the sound system out of its dashboard either when the screws and trim are expelled or utilizing the DIN instruments.

Stage 5 

Sync the AUX input connector’s DIN association into the right plug-in point. 

This is the time to sync the AUX input into the suitable plug-in point behind of your sound system. Afterward, if your sound system as of now possesses RCA ports, coordinate AUX to RCA connector’s white and red modules to your sound system’s RCA ports.

Stage 6 

Feed AUX end of your AUX to RCA connector right into the vehicle’s seating territory. 

You could either take out a sideboard from the inside console via the rear of its glove section or via the base of the middle support. 

Substitute the inside section’s trim plus the section’s side framing if it is applicable. 

Tips to Get Great Results

  • Since the making of consoles changes, depending on the manufacturer, you might need to utilize some creativity in order to locate the right spot for running the RCA – AUX connector. 
  • You can bore a little hole right at the side of a bit of board or trim in order to help protect your RCA – AUX link. Drill the opening wide enough for its link to fit in, however unreasonably little, so your connector can lie back into the framing. 
  • Peradventure you do choose to puncture a hole. Record the spot on the framing and afterward take out the framing to bore your opening. 
  • The Male and Female ends represent plugs and ports respectively.

You should have:

AUX input connector 

AUX to RCA link (female) 

Vehicle manual

We believe this article was helpful. However you can check out how to add Bluetooth to your stereo here. We recommend the Boss Audio 616UAB for the best aux input experience.

How to Install AUX Input into a Car Stereo- Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Aux Input The Only Way To Connect An IPod To A Car Stereo System?

The aux input is not the only way to connect an iPod to a car stereo system. As a matter of fact, there are several other ways, ranging from simple and poor sounding to complex and high fidelity. 

The FM transmitter and cassette adapter carry out the same function, with the FM transmitter being the easiest method. However, as the world keeps advancing, the aux input is considered one of the best ways to connect an iPod to a car stereo system. 

The best of all methods is to integrate the iPod directly into the stereo system. This comes with various exciting features which differ from other known methods.

My Car Radio Does Not Have an aux cord jack. Is there any way I can get myMy Car Radio Does Not Have An Aux Cord Jack. Is There Any Way I Can Get My Aux Cord To Work Without Having To Put In A New Radio? aux cord to work without having to put in a new radio?

To get your aux cable to work without a new radio, check other areas of the vehicle. Most recently manufactured vehicles have their designs for either USB (Universal Serial Bus) or AUX input connection.

Most times, if the car has a between-the-seats shift console/arm rest, there is a connection in the compartment under the arm rest. All you need to do is raise the lid/armrest and look down into the storage box beneath.

If your car does not have any of these connections, you should either replace the audio or modify the existing one. 

What Can I Use If My Car Does Not Have An AUX Input?

If your car does not have an AUX input, you can use an FM transmitter. Older versions of the FM transmitter had issues with very weak and static signals as well as extremely poor audio quality. However, the recent versions of the FM transmitter promise better. 

Recent FM transmitters are Bluetooth receivers. Unlike an AUX cable which demands that the audio be sent through it, the FM transmitter broadcasts audio over an open FM radio frequency. 

The FM transmitter, unlike others, has no need for wires, since the Bluetooth signal gets transmitted over FM frequencies.

How Do I Connect My Iphone To An AUX In A Car?

To connect iPhone to an AUX in a car, do the following:

1. Locate the auxiliary input jack for your car’s stereo system. Most stereos provide an auxiliary input jack on the dashboard, in the center console, or directly at the back of the stereo. Where your model of stereo does not have an auxiliary input, you can purchase and install a different stereo or search for an adapter that might fit it. 

2. Connect one end of the auxiliary cable to the auxiliary input stereo jack.

3. Connect the other end of the auxiliary cable to the headphone jack on your iPhone.

4. Turn on your car stereo and select the “AUX” mode. Play the music through your iPhone.

Will A New Car Stereo Work With My Smartphone?

A new car stereo will work with your smartphone. Almost all models offer USB connection to your smartphone. This gives you access to your music files or other stored media from both iOS and Android devices. 

And if your new stereo has Bluetooth, you will be able to access your music or streaming services that way too. One of the coolest recent developments has been in the number of receivers that support the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces. This makes provision for integrated touchscreen operation of many smartphone features.

Can my factory speakers handle a high-powered car stereo?

Your factory speakers will be able to handle the output from a high powered car stereo, but there are limits to their performance. Turn up your new radio with the car sitting still, make a note of the volume level at which your factory speakers start to distort, then avoid cranking the radio up past that point.

To get the best sound, add quality aftermarket speakers as soon as you can. A new set of speakers will let you take full advantage of the big, rich sound your new receiver has to offer.