What Size Alternator Do I Need for Car Audio?

When you want to upgrade your car audio, considering the additional power needs is a very paramount aspect of the process that determines how your sound system functions.

What Size Alternator Do I Need for Car Audio?
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The factory alternator might probably not be enough so the major question is usually not whether you need to get a strong alternator, rather it is how big it should be, how much it is and how efficient?

Alternators in the car are used to control the electrical system and power the car battery when it is down. Most factory alternators that come with the car are not designed to control huge audio output.

In order to discover the size of alternator you need for your car; you have to ascertain the additional energy needed by the audio system as well as the present energy in the car.  

The best method to know this number is to apply Amps X Volts= Watts formula. Take for instance, you have 2,000-watt amp with purported voltage of 13.5v.

It means you can top it with 150 amps in the car electrical system. You should also ascertain the amount of energy used by the car and put that in the sound system.

The sum of the energy you get will show the highest energy used by the car and show you the size of an alternator you have to acquire. You have to get an expert to help determine the size of alternator your car audio system will need because most vehicles have varying sound system.

The numbers are not responsible for the contrasting sound output put forward by the various RPMs (revolutions per minute).

Does Your Car Audio System Require Bigger Alternator? 

The best way to determine the kind of alternator your audio system needs is to maintain the volume of the audio system at a point the alternator can control.

However, if you like loud audios to come from your car then it is very important for you to have a strong amp. There are some ways for you to achieve this. Some of these ways include the following:

The initial move is to put in place a stiffening capacitor that acts like a battery because it helps to save electrical charges from the various conductive plates.

Car amps will not transmit higher energy from the charging system than it was made to control. Also, sub-woofers have difficulties emitting sound as a result of low frequencies, because sub-woofers require high energy to operate.

But when you put stiffening cap in your car it helps the car amp to operate at a very distinct level by supplying a reinforcement bank for unexpected power. The capacitor can be the answer to the problem when you are encountering flickering lights in your car or when you are having reduced bass reaction.

In the same vein, when you are having an intense audio output and you are playing songs at the mild pitch, this cannot be resolved by the stiffening capacitor. The best way this can be resolved is to put in place a big output alternator.

This move is very costly, but it is the most reliable way to ensure that the high sound system in the car receives the amount of energy it requires. This is done to prevent the damaging of the car electronics in the process.

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What Alternator Size is too Big?

The most importance thing about changing the alternator that came with the car to a bigger output alternator is that it will not destroy the electronics in your car.

In case you want to put a new audio system and you want something that is way bigger than the one already in use, you have to put 200A and alternate it with 300A to avoid any damage.

When you place a big amp alternator in your car which can produce 300A and also compatible with the car engine compartment, the additional amperage will not be used immediately unless it is needed by the car.

The only difficulty in acquiring a higher alternator is that it is a misuse of budget, but it can never destroy the car electrical system. The only precaution that you need to take when you want to change the audio system that needs big amperage is adjusting some settings before putting the high amp alternator.

This step is to avert destroying the energy and the lower cables instead of safeguarding the most important electronics that helps your moving.

Supply and Demand of High Output Alternator

Sometimes you are disturbed about the possibility of the big amp alternator supplying excess current to the ECU and to the numerous electrical systems in your car.

You should not be perturbed because the alternator comes with amperage rating that contains a certain level of power equivalent to the amount supplied. That is to say, when the entire electronics in your car consume 60A, the big 300A alternator in the car gives out 60A also.

The work of the amperage is the wattage shared among the volts; this means that the alternator will give any amount of amperage as required by various electrical units in the car.

The alternator at any given time will produce certain amount of amperage and distributes it among the electrical units available in the car. Each unit will take the amount of amperage it requires.

Do You Really Need a High Output Alternator?

Different electrical units in the car require certain levels of amperage to work perfectly. When there are no changes in your car or you did not put any new electronics in your car, the supply of energy to the entire units should be working fine with the original alternator.

When you put the big alternators in the car, it will reduce the currents which makes it impossible for the available current to energize the entire electrical units. This results to flickering of headlights and can make your car engine not to power.

Stressing a weak alternator will result to premature damage. When you decide to change a spoilt alternator with a new one that have the identical features, it will also result to premature damage.

How Does High Output Alternator work?

High output alternator is an excellent means of improving 21st century cars. Twenty-first century cars are not the same with last century cars because they demand large amount of power.

High output alternator helps to improve the amperage in the electrical system in the car. There are times the alternator will be very slow thereby leading to little or no output and falling behind to the energy requirements of the charging system.

The battery saves the situation by giving the amp the necessary energy it needs. When the amperage in the battery store currents and gives it out to the amps in a situation that electrical loads is far more than the charging system output.

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This poses a serious problem to the capacity of the battery to store current. This is where the high output alternator comes handy because it helps the battery to store current and gives out the recommended electrical output and amps to your car.

If you are making use of high output alternator in your car, it returns amps to the battery. If the high output alternator is in your car, the charging system will produce enough amps and give the car the needed amps for the car to be moving.

High output alternator gives out the needed amps in the car and serves as an alternative when an alternator malfunction.

High output alternator will be used when extra devices are included in your car due to the fact that the available alternator will not totally control the request for bigger amp and voltage necessary for the functioning of the extra devices.

Video: What size alternator for car audio?

This video explains what size alternator you can use for your car audio.

Components of High Output Alternator and their Roles

High output alternators are made to produce high output functions as a result of this, high output alternators are made of strong diodes that generate and control big energy and heat.

Other aspects of a high output alternator are the diodes, wires that generate electric current and heat resistance that ensure that the high output alternator lasts long.

Also, other high output alternators have chrome-plated sections that enable them to withstand bad environments. While it is very possible to check and calculate the correct size, estimate based on maximum electric current being processed, a good procedure is to only use the thickest electric current available.

The importance of wiring in any alternator is for it to control the output and other amps alternators in order to produce large amount of electric output. Also check your charging system as most audio systems need a good compatibility to function effectively.

Having gone through this article, I believe it would be easier to figure out the size of the alternator that will best fit your car audio.

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